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Karen Han (@karenyhan on Twitter) is a writer for various publications including Vulture, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, VICE, /Film, The Daily Beast, The Village Voice, Vox and more. 

Karen appeared on the The Weight of Water episode of Blank Check, together with her friend Emma Stefansky. They have a #TheTwoFriends-like relationship, in which Karen is the Griffin analogue due to her preoccupation with comedic bits that irritate the more serious (and taller) Emma.

She is known for her group of "Karen's Boys" which is a collection of character actors who - even though they might not be considered the most conventionally attractive people in Hollywood - Karen is infatuated with. Members of this exclusive club include but are not limited to: Ben Mendelsohn, Andy Serkis, Ciarán Hinds, Bill Nighy, and Jim Beaver, among others.

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