Episode #138[edit | edit source]


Lost in Space is a standalone episode and the second Family's Choice, as well as the first Joey Sims choice. The episode was posted on 3 Dec 2017.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Welcome, David Sims' younger brother Joey! At first David thought that Joey could guest on an episode discussing S.W.A.T., but upon reflection David realized he was mostly obsessed with this movie himself while at college, and Joey not so much. But while growing up David and Joey used lines from Lost in Space as inside jokes at home, and in true Ben's Choice fashion they watched it repeatedly on VHS, so... family choice made!

Can Matt LeBlanc escape the shadow of "Friends" to have a movie career? Who is the lead in this movie, and is this thing half a movie or is it four movies? Was Lost In Space a back-breaker for the careers of Heather Graham or William Hurt? How did a line about "consenting adults" get into this script - danger Will Robinson! What the hell is up with Blarp, and how is the CGI character's performance evaluated in light of a freaky 'Future Blarp' deleted scene?

Milestones and Ephemera[edit | edit source]

  • Performance Review: Lacey Chabert is David's MVP.
  • You be The Judge! Which Griffin impression is better: his Jeff Goldblum or his Matthew Broderick?
  • First appearance of Rich Uncle Pennybags for an ad! And he swears like a sailor!
  • This mission sucks.
  • And...the monkey flips the switch.
  • Deeper! THROUGHHHHHH the planet's core!
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