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March Madness 2018 Recap - Round 1 is episode 152 discussing the Blank Check March Madness 2018 event. It was released mid-week and was filed as a Standalone March Madness episode. Posted March 15, 2018.


With the excitement and attention that the Blank Check March Madness bracket of directors has attracted on Twitter and Reddit, David asked Griffin and Ben to come into the studio and produce a surprise minisode to recap all the results of the matchups up to that point. The episode was recorded towards the end of the first round, so it covers who's won and lost so far, what remains in Round 1, plus what's on tap for Round 2.

This was also the first chance Griffin and David had to comment on the record about the bracket entries themselves, so they discussed the merits of most of their choices for the competitors and the seedings. Why so few of this type of director, why this unpopular director, why this juggernaut director, etc? What in Bob Fosse's filmography would make for a good Blank Check miniseries? How did Heckerling get matched against Bay? They also offered some clarifications on a few questions about filmographies and which movies would be covered in the event of, say, a Besson or an Altman win.

Because this is tangentially sports-related, #TheTwoFriends make an impressionistic attempt at adopting drive-time sports talk-radio personalities, something they are both very familiar with and they totally nail it. But really, Producer Ben really does nail it with all the guitar-lick samples and a comprehensive sound effects library at his disposal.

Stay tuned for another recap episode in a couple weeks as the Final Four approaches...

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Griff "The Grip" Newman
  • David "Dawg" Sims
  • Hahaha, David had thought they could make this a ten minute episode...
  • Ben: "Hell...wait, what's that? YEAH-AH-AH."
  • Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups: "Live-action 'Bojack Horseman.'"
  • Besson v. Aronofsky: The Scarf vs. The Beret, Merlot vs. Manischewitz