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March Madness 2019 Recap - Round 3 is episode 14 of Blank Check: Special Features about the third round of the year's March Madness tournament. Posted March 29, 2019.


Director/writer, Alex Ross Perry "just happened" to be in studio to discuss Blank Check’s March Madness bracket! Together they make predictions for the final outcome, examine other potential franchises to cover in the future and Producer Ben presents a series of new start-up businesses he is launching this year.

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Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • David sealed Chip Smith into a Keep for one hundred years or whatever.
  • ARP has a lot of opinions, but hasn't voted because he's not on twitter!
  • The emphasis on the wrong syllable.
  • ARP's not really into Demme.
  • Current tease: Griffin's teasing that he's teasing a new bit, as a bit.
  • Ben's business ideas:
    • Chains to go! Highest quality chains, direct from his factory.
    •! Tired of going to the dump for old tires? Now Ben will do that for you for money.
    • You are a dog signs! If a dog in your life needs to be reminded they're a dog, or if you're not sure if you're a dog, get one of these signs. The sign includes a picture of a dog.
    • 23 and not for me! He doesn't want to join. He doesn't want to know!! He sends you a box, you open it, and it's just like "pfft, don't worry about it man" or "you're from Europe." One-time service.
  • Why hasn't Ben been cast as someone's bad date in a movie? Make it happen ARP!
  • They won't be covering Shazam as part of The PodDCEU Cast.


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