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March Madness 2021 Recap - Round 2 is episode 93 of Blank Check: Special Features. Posted March 17, 2021.


Another b-b-b-b-bonus episode recapping Blank Check’s March Madness brackets! [1]

While this episode is called March Madness 2021 Recap - Round 2, it is still recapping the first round of the tournament. It picks up where the last episode left off at the Cassavetes/70's Altman.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Chip Smith's zoom invite got lost.
  • Griffin reveals that Scary Terry winning over Buster Keaton bummed him out, and the episode was released on the day of the next Malick match up wherein he won by only 38 votes.
  • David predicted it would be Brest v. Dante (wrong).
  • Accidental second year in a row of a Dante v. Sturgess blowout! Whoops.
  • Ben originally had Richard Linklater instead of Harmony Korine!


DAVID: Danny Devito has Nancy Meyers energy.


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