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March Madness 2021 Recap - Round 3 is episode 95 of Blank Check: Special Features. Posted March 29, 2021.


In the final recap of the 2021 March Madness season, Griffin, David, Ben, and Marie check in on the brackets as we near the final contenders. [1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Oh is this March Madness a little weird?? They address the bots!
    • Twitter appears to have a few downsides.
  • Next year they'll probably host the match-ups on some other platform/website.
  • Griffin Region Talk!
    • They thought Brest or Dante would be the People's Champions, but they underestimated the appeal of Elliott Gould and the unexpected passing of George Segal.
    • Perhaps Dante suffered for March Madness overlapping with Musker & Clements because he made a lot of family-friendly films.
    • Altman is one of Griffin & David's shared guys! Big guy massive hands!
  • Ben Region Talk!
    • Some fools in David's mentions thought Devito would take Carpenter. Ha! Carpenter "threw Danny from the train," as Griffin so beautifully put it.
    • People brought receipts! [2]
    • If any region would have chaos, it would be Ben's!
  • Guest Region Talk!
    • Cuarón was the first filmmaker who showed David semen in a theater!
    • Some info on the Cuarón/Autism controversy: 'I Am Autism': An Advocacy Video Sparks Protest
      (Ed. note: As an autistic person it is impossible for me to be objective here. Autism Speaks is absolute trash [3][4] and this PSA, old or not, is the fucking worst. Nothing about us without us is for us.)
  • Griffin & Ben saw a double feature of RoboCop and Escape from New York at the Queens Drive-in — a very Griffy/Ben evening.
  • Sometimes it helps the boys pull the trigger on a long miniseries to have the backing of March Madness.
  • Chip Bot claimed responsibility for all the March Madness chaos.
  • Chip gifted David some weapon's grade plutonium as a baby gift!
  • Announced that should the Rocky franchise win Special Features March Madness 2021, it would not include the Creed films.
    • They will eventually cover Coogler! Once he makes more movies.


BEN: Play nice, ya dang-ass freaks! Come on!
GRIFFIN: Robo-Chip, do you want to take us out?
CHIPBOT: Uh, yes. Um. Signing off. Look upon ye works, Chip, and despair. Smell you later fart-heads 2.0. Boop.


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