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Marie Bardi is a film producer and the social media manager for Blank Check with Griffin and David. She came aboard after the departure of Producer Ang, and has been doing an excellent job of filling those shoes!


Marie was an extra in the M. Night Shyamalan film Wide Awake which filmed at her elementary school. [1] This was mentioned in the episode, years before she would be part of the BC team.

Marie is a sometimes guest on other podcasts. For more information on those appearances, see Outside Podcast Appearances.


Main Feed

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
335 Old 🔊 Marie Bardi 2:21 8/1/2021 Pod Night Shyamacast
354 Benedetta 🔊 Marie Bardi 2:34 12/12/2021 Podship Casters
361 The Portrait of a Lady 🔊 Marie Bardi 2:13 2/6/2022 The Podcastiano

Special Features

Much like Ang and Ben, Marie has appeared on several Special Features episodes, particularly during March Madness 2021.


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