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Memento is episode 115 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the The Pod Knight Casts miniseries covering the filmography of Christopher Nolan. Posted 2 Jul 2017.


Amy Nicholson (MTV News) joins Griffin and David this week to discuss 2000’s fractured crime drama, Memento. But how was Christopher’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, involved in this project? What is it about this strange art film that enabled it to crossover into the mainstream? Are there any tangents about Tom Cruise during the conversation? Together, they examine Guy Pearce’s career, the movie's brilliant storytelling devices, their mutual joy for some great Pants and share gym class stories from growing up. Also, be sure to listen to Amy’s podcast The Canon on Earwolf! [1]

Griffin and David go high-concept right away. Can Ben help maintain the bits through the whole episode?

#TheTwoFriends welcome Amy Nicholson (LA-area film critic, Tom Cruise expert, and host of The Canon movie podcast) to discuss a Christopher Nolan movie she actually likes. But why does she like it? What is it about the con artists and the dead wives in this Nolan movie that make it different than the con artists and dead wives in every other Nolan movie?

First, lots of discussion of Griffin's weird grade schools, David's playground experiences on roofs, and Amy's recollection of parachutes in gym class. But despite appearances and reputation, this is no digression - they're talking about memory!

How is this movie like fun modern art made by a robot? Does Nolan exhibit a talent for literally awesome spectacles/visuals even in this low-budget small-town character story? How amazing is the tattoo artist that can do freehand serif fonts?

Milestones and Ephemera[]


BEN, our finest film critic: This movie's like a term paper.
DAVID: Go on.
BEN: It's so hard to follow. I feel like I had to work at it.
DAVID: Had you see it before?
BEN: Yeah I'd seen it, but, I dunno, I didn't retain any of it. So... It's fine but it's just like, like why? Why make it so confusing?
DAVID: You just wish it was a straight shot, start to finish.
BEN: This is my thing: Make movies easier to follow!
DAVID: Great. Thank you, Ben.
BEN: Copy, paste, add a fuckin' montage, make it sexy. You got a movie!