Episode #008

The eighth part of the The Phantom Podcast miniseries. Posted 11 May 2015.


Toys. Kids love them. And so do Griffin and David.

This movie’s entire production was funded by the sale of exclusive rights to the merchandising. And manufacturer Hasbro pulled out all the stops, including introducing technology that allowed the products to “talk like never before,” capturing some of the most exciting moments in toy form! Like a seated Jabba the Hutt watching the pod race along with color commentators Fode and Beed, and a product (made for children) that allows someone to suck on Jar Jar Bink’s candy tongue.

So join your hosts to find out: whats in Watto’s box? Does Griffin buy something on Ebay he will regret, with exciting play-by-play of online auction bidding? And a look back at their younger selves to REMEMBER THE TOYS.

Also, what about Super Bombad Racer on N64? And how George Lucas managed to finagle a fast-food tie-in with tacos? Just how sick of this movie are #TheTwoFriends and Producer Ben?

Milestones and Ephemera

  • Hero Jar-Jar: Hungry
  • Complaints about UCB's wi-fi speed: numerous
  • Merchandise Spotlight: the entire episode
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