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Mission: Impossible - Fallout is a Mission: Impossible commentary episode, and episode 74 of the Blank Check: Special Features. Posted September 21, 2020.


And so ends our first March Madness Patreon run! Griffin, David, and Ben watch Fallout and make our official rankings of the Mission Impossible franchise because that’s...the job! (Sorry, we had to). Listen or watch along as we talk the performance of Henry Cavill's mustache, retiring from public life and sleeping better knowing that Ethan Hunt is out there trying to stop a nuclear bomb from going off. Plus find out which spooky franchise which we’re watching this fall![1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Movie starts at 9:05.
  • Congratulations to David and Forky on their wedding!
  • Griffin has finally come to terms with his inability to correctly pronounce McQuarrie and started calling him McQ.
  • In conversation: Laurence Fishburne by E. Alex Jung
  • Griff is bummed about the Tenet reviews. The boys are excited to see it... eventually.
  • This movie was a nominee at The Fourth Annual Blank Check Awards including:
    • Griffin: #6 in his top 10 for the year
      • Best Actor - Tom Cruise
      • Best Director - Christopher McQuarrie
    • David: #8 in his top 10 for the year