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Mission: Impossible 2 is episode 68 of the Blank Check: Special Features, and a Mission: Impossible commentary episode. Posted July 20, 2020.


Tommy’s back for M:i-2! John Woo's bird and mask reveal-filled sequel is notoriously always ranked at the bottom of the Mission franchise. But can it be redeemed by Limp Bizkit, motorcycle jousting, glowing virus tubes, and Thandie Newton’s screen presence alone? Maybe not, but we had fun figuring it out. For context, we also recorded this commentary before that Vulture Thandie interview dropped (keep an eye out for that zit!) because you know Blank Check... we gotta keep on rollin, baby. You know what time it is.

The movie starts at 9:54.

[Note: At the 35:27 minute mark, there’s a short gap in our commentary. Don’t re-sync the movie if you’re following along! Our Zoom dropped out and we don’t hear each other for a minute but the recording is still on track with the movie.[1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]