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Many guests on Blank Check have podcasts of their own, sometimes several. Often is the occasion when Griffin and David and Ben have been featured guests on other podcasts run by past guests and friends and acquaintances, from all around the podcast industry.

This is a limited listing of some of those shows and appearances.


Title Episode Host Duration Date Link
Black Men Can't Jump (In Hollywood) Detroit ft. Blank Check with Griffin & David Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan, James III 1:42 11/21/2017 πŸ”Š
Doughboys Tombstone Week: Tombstone (the pizza) with Blank Check Nick Wiger, Mike Mitchell 2:07 5/7/2020 πŸ”Š
Doughboys Double Tombstone Week: Tombstone (the movie) with Blank Check 1:12 5/5/2020 πŸ”Š
Fighting in the War Room SPECIAL: A Bunch of Donatello-Ravenclaws Attend David Ehrlich's Wedding #StrongerTogethered Katey Rich, Dave Gonzales, Matt Patches, and David Ehrlich 0:41 6/15/2017 πŸ”Š
Galaxy Brains The Rock is the Greatest Action Star Ever with Blank Check's Griffin and David Dave Schilling, Jonah Ray 0:55 7/29/2021 πŸ”Š
Hollywood Handbook HH #383: Griffin Newman and David Sims, Our Blank Check Friends Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport 1:20 2/15/2021 πŸ”Š
Hollywood Handbook: Pro Version #178 - GRIFFIN NEWMAN AND DAVID SIMS, OUR CLOSE FRIENDS 6/15/2021 πŸ”Š
How Did This Get Made? Zack Snyder's Justice League (w/ Griffin Newman, David Sims) Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas 2:11 3/25/2021 πŸ”Š
Newcomers: Star Wars The Mandalorian (w/ Griffin Newman & David Sims) Nicole Byer, Lauren Lapkus 1:13 5/19/2020 πŸ”Š

Griffin Newman[]

Title Episode Host Duration Date Link
90 Minutes or Less Chicken Run with Griffin Newman Sam Clements 1:03 3/4/2021 πŸ”Š
About to Review ATI #1 - Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman "That Guy Named John" 0:31 8/25/2017 πŸ”Š
The Adventures of Danny and Mike LIVE from Union Hall w/Griffin Newman Jeremy Balon, Michael C. Maronna, Danny Tamberelli 0:52 12/13/2017 πŸ”Š
Afterbuzz TV Afterbuzz TV's Spotlight On Kylie Hodges 0:32 8/22/2017 πŸ”Š
Baby Geniuses Max Silvestri / Griffin Newman Lisa Hanawalt, Emily Heller 1:06 2/27/2013 πŸ”Š
Bad Romance Podcast [S4E36] The Break-Up (with Griffin Newman) Jourdain Searles 1:40 11/11/2020 πŸ”Š
Beginnings 351 - Griffin Newman Andy Beckerman 1:38 2/15/2018 πŸ”Š
Best Show with Tom Scharpling I LOVE IT AND IT HATE IT Tom Scharpling 3:28 1/10/2018 πŸ”Š
The Big Thing Masters of the Universe Gets a Blank Check, Griffin Newman in Studio! | The Big Thing Kristian Harloff 1:45 9/17/2021 πŸ”Š
Breakfast Quest The Littlest Hobo with Griffin Newman - Breakfast Quest 5 1:24 3/15/2014 πŸ”Š
BUILD Series Griffin Newman Talks About The Second Season Of Amazon Prime's "The Tick" 0:40 4/18/2019 πŸ”Š
Cannes I Kick It 2000s Cannes Blockbusters with Griffin Newman Andy Germuga, Cullen Atchley, Emilio Diaz, Jesse Webber 2:30 8/28/2020 πŸ”Š
Annette with Griffin Newman 2:34 8/27/2021 πŸ”Š
The Cannon Canon Masters of the Universe (w/ Griffin Newman) Frank Garcia-Hejl, Geoff Garlock 1:49 9/18/2020 πŸ”Š
Can You Get to That? The Tick Katelyn Best, Mat Olson 0:57 8/14/2016 πŸ”Š
Can’t Get Enough of Keanu Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (w/ Griffin Newman) Patrick Willems, Jake Torpey, Matthew Torpey 1:46 9/9/2019 πŸ”Š
Carbface Cherry Chip with Romilly and Griffin Newman Laurie Woolever, Chris Thornton 1:42 4/5/2019 πŸ”Š
Classroom Crush The Don Quixote of Crushes with Griffin Newman Rebecca Bulnes 1:18 12/6/2017 πŸ”Š
Comedy Bang Bang 535. Niles Per Hour Scott Aukerman 1:28 3/11/2018 πŸ”Š
596. Griffin Newman Mr Met and the Legitimate Witch 1:35 4/7/2019 πŸ”Š
624. Jocelyn DeBoer Clinkity Clank 1:24 10/20/2019 πŸ”Š
699. Dulce Sloan, Shaun Diston, Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman 1:17 3/28/2021 πŸ”Š
705. Bob Odenkirk, Lily Sullivan, Griffin Newman 1:14 5/9/2021 πŸ”Š
The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 295 - Griffin Newman on Bob Newhart - The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back Jason Klamm 0:56 2/28/2019 πŸ”Š
Comic Book Club Griffin Newman Returns Alexander Zalben, Pete LePage, Justin Tyler 1:05 3/7/2018 πŸ”Š
Couples Therapy Griffin Newman, Alejandro Kolleeny and Sam Rogal, Larry Owens and Chris Murphy Andy Beckerman, Naomi Ekperigin 1:04 2/25/2020 πŸ”Š
Deep Night with Dale Deep Night Season 11: Live with Griffin Newman, Emmy Blotnick, Lindsey Broad and Sammus Dale Seever 1:15 5/30/2019 πŸ”Š
Depresh Mode Griffin Newman with Co-Stars Depression, Anxiety, Comedy, Lousy Bikes, The Tick, Kevin Costner, and Woody Allen John Moe 1:22 8/9/2021 πŸ”Š
Double Threat The Nancy Meyers Talk Show (with The George Lucas Talk Show) Tom Scharpling, Julie Klausner 1:52 2/22/2021 πŸ”Š
Doug Loves Movies Samm Levine, Griffin Newman and Billy Wayne Davis guest Doug Benson 1:40 10/13/2019 πŸ”Š
The 12 Guests of Xmas 2:16 12/2/2019 πŸ”Š
Aya Cash, Trey Galyon and Griffin Newman guest 0:53 4/19/2021 πŸ”Š
Kara Klenk, Griffin Newman and Liza Treyger guest 1:02 4/26/2021 πŸ”Š
Doughboys Grocery Store Month: Costco with Griffin Newman Nick Wiger, Mike Mitchell 2:38 7/16/2020 πŸ”Š
Doughboys Double Game of P'Zones with Griffin Newman 1:04 4/23/2019 πŸ”Š
BK Kid's Club is Back! with Griffin Newman 1:13 5/18/2021 πŸ”Š
Down and Nerdy Podcast Ep 177 - The Tick on Amazon Prime: An Interview w. Griffin Newman James Witham 0:59 8/25/2017 πŸ”Š
Dr. Gameshow That's My Mom, Silly! (w/ Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman) Jo Firestone, Manolo Moreno 1:17 6/26/2018 πŸ”Š
Earwolf Presents Chris Gethard Presents Podcast 9: Traffic Cone Bone Zone Chris Gethard 1:04 8/16/2019 πŸ”Š
Eye of the Duck Spaceballs (1987) with Griffin Newman (Blank Check with Griffin & David) Dominick Nero, Adam Volerich 2:08 7/26/2021 πŸ”Š
Fake the Nation Manhattan is Doing Great (w/ Hayes Davenport, Griffin Newman) Negin Farsad 1:04 4/11/2019 πŸ”Š
161. Save the Butterflies, Kill the NRA (w/ Griffin Newman, Amanda Hunt) 0:52 8/15/2019 πŸ”Š
167. Textbook Corruption (w/ Gaby Dunn, Griffin Newman) 1:16 9/26/2019 πŸ”Š
Fatman Beyond 339: He-Man Beyond - Revelation w/Kevin Smith and Griffin Newman Kevin Smith 2:35 7/26/2021 πŸ”Š
Fighting in the War Room 019 - Sometimes I'm a Teenager, Sometimes I'm an Intern with Griffin Newman Katey Rich, Dave Gonzales, Matt Patches, and David Ehrlich 0:52 4/16/2014 πŸ”Š
133 – Amazon’s The Tick with Returning Guest Griffin Newman! 1:11 8/23/2016 πŸ”Š
134 - Kanye West Videos, Gene Wilder and THAT BBC List 0:49 8/30/2016 πŸ”Š
Filmspotting #734: Toy Story 4 / Top 5 Toy Story Scenes w/ Griffin Newman Adam Kempenaar, Josh Larsen 2:17 6/21/2019 πŸ”Š
The Flagrant Ones TFO #89 - Draft Day with Griffin Newman Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport, Carl Tart 6/11/2020 πŸ”Š
The Flop House 310. Bloodshot Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington, Elliott Kalan 2:21 4/11/2020 πŸ”Š
FH Mini 5 - More Time with Griffin 0:22 4/18/2020 πŸ”Š
The Gary Hour Ep43 Griffin Newman Gary Levitt 1:32 6/21/2016 πŸ”Š
Gentrify! Podcast Second Chair 1:08 4/4/2016 πŸ”Š
Gettin' Better # 28 - Enjoy It! with Griffin Newman Ron Funches 2:09 2/26/2019 πŸ”Š
Good Christian Fun Left Behind 2014 (with Griffin Newman) Kevin T. Porter, Caroline Ely 1:38 4/29/2020 πŸ”Š
Hello From the Magic Tavern Season 3, Ep 47 - Doctor Sane (w/ Griffin Newman) Arne Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai 1:02 6/29/2020 πŸ”Š
Hidden Mickeys Disney Store Drugs and RIP Cogsworth Natalie Palamides, Carrie Poppy 1:29 3/23/2018 πŸ”Š
High & Mighty 98: Fast & Furious (w/ Griffin Newman) Jon Gabrus 1:28 4/13/2017 πŸ”Š
122: F8 of the Furious (w/ Griffin Newman) 1:09 9/28/2017 πŸ”Š
233: Hobbs and Shaw (w/ Griffin Newman) 1:30 11/14/2019 πŸ”Š
246: Brooklyn Power Hour (w/ Griffin Newman, Michelle Collins, and Adam Pally) 1:30 2/13/2020 πŸ”Š
317: Fast 9 (w/ Griffin Newman) 2:17 7/1/2021 πŸ”Š
Hit the Mark! Episode 113: Griffin Newman Mark Levy 1:20 1/6/2014 πŸ”Š
Hollywood Handbook Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman, Our Junket Friends Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport 1:06 3/6/2018 πŸ”Š
Hopelessly Excited Ep. 30 - Ten Tiny Podcasts with Griffin Newman Collin Gossel 1:18 8/23/2016 πŸ”Š
How to Be a Person Episode 48 - Griffin Newman - How to Play Disney Infinity 1:34 5/5/2016 πŸ”Š
I Think You're Interesting The 5 best superhero performances of all time, according to The Tick's Griffin Newman Emily VanDerWerff 0:55 10/11/2017 πŸ”Š
Iconography Vin Diesel (w/ Griffin Newman) Ayo Edebiri, Olivia Craighead 1:31 6/24/2020 πŸ”Š
In Your Dreams Episode 5: Griffin Newman - Killin' It Lucid Style Chris Gethard 0:29 1/9/2017 πŸ”Š
InBox 1. Man That Guy Writes Good Emails with Griffin Newman Nicole Drespel, Matt Stroup 0:57 9/3/2019 πŸ”Š
The Infinity Podcast Shanghai Noon: Fam of the Podcast (w/ Griffin Newman) Patrick Willems 2:08 4/19/2021 πŸ”Š
Inside Voices Griffin Newman Has a Little Stinker Voice Kevin T. Porter 0:56 3/17/2020 πŸ”Š
Jacking Off with Rebecca & Richie Ice Age (w/ Griffin Newman) Rebecca Bulnes, Richie Owens 1:37 5/4/2020 πŸ”Š
Let's Chat Griffin Newman of Blank Check, The Tick Chris Revill 1:34 4/29/2020 πŸ”Š
Let's Talk About Something Else "Coins" with Griffin Newman & Connor Ratliff Matt Porter 0:43 5/8/2020 πŸ”Š
Literati LMNO Jameston (w/ Griffin Newman) Colin O'Brien, Michael Wolf 1:03 4/29/2019 πŸ”Š
Little Gold Men The Biggest Story of the Decade Comes to an End Katey Rich, Richard Lawson, Joanna Robinson, Michael Hogan 0:57 4/25/2019 πŸ”Š
Loud About Nothing 46 - Disney Emoji Blitz (w/ Griffin Newman) Sebastian Conelli 1:15 3/4/2021 πŸ”Š
Love is a Lie Griffin Newman: Almost Famous. Max Fox 0:59 3/13/2015 πŸ”Š
Mall Talk AMC Theatres w/ Griffin Newman Paige Weldon, Emily Faye 2:10 3/31/2021 πŸ”Š
MΓ©nage Γ  Trois Radio #37 - Griffin Newman of Law & Order: SVU Murf Meyer, Diana Kolsky 0:45 12/16/2013 πŸ”Š
#169 - The Final Orgy 0:46 6/13/2017 πŸ”Š
The Mindhouse Podcast Griffin Newman Josh Ruben 1:59 8/15/2016 πŸ”Š
The MinnMax Show Final Fantasy VII Remake, PS5 Controller, Writing LEGO Games 2:52 4/9/2020 πŸ”Š
Mortal Podkast Griffin Newman vs. Rain Ben Mekler 1:46 5/4/2020 πŸ”Š
Mousterpiece Cinema Episode 420: Muppet Treasure Island Josh Spiegel, Scott Renshaw 1:23 9/14/2019 πŸ”Š
Episode 354: Sky High 1:11 6/9/2018 πŸ”Š
Episode 327: Coco 1:32 12/2/2017 πŸ”Š
Episode 260: Jack 1:48 8/6/2016 πŸ”Š
Episode 232: A Bug's Life 1:25 1/22/2016 πŸ”Š
Episode 214: Cars 1:25 9/14/2015 πŸ”Š
Episode 171: The Incredibles 1:17 11/17/2014 πŸ”Š
Movies That Changed My Life Griffin Newman: Toy Story, The Wiz and Margaret Ian de Borja 0:45 4/29/2021 πŸ”Š
My Brother, My Brother, and Me MBMBaM 457: Wake Up and Smell the Future, It's Time for Beanjuice Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy, Griffin McElroy 0:55 4/29/2019 πŸ”Š
No Excuses Ep. 94 - The Muppet Movie (1979) Mike Shutt, Jenny Nulf 1:58 2/10/2019 πŸ”Š
No Wrong Answers 17: Friendship Competition ft Griffin Newman Alejandro Kolleeny, Lucy Randall 1:17 1/29/2014 πŸ”Š
Off Book: The Improvised Musical Shift Your North: LIVE! (w/ Griffin Newman, Michael Cruz Kayne) Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino 1:17 9/26/2017 πŸ”Š
Odycheese 1:06 2/26/2018 πŸ”Š
Podcast Like It's 1989 19: Fast & Furious w/ Griffin Newman Phillip Iscove, Kenny Neibart 2:20 7/5/2021 πŸ”Š
Podcast Like It's 1999 63: Toy Story 2 with Griffin Newman (Part 1) 1:25 2/6/2019 πŸ”Š
64: Toy Story 2 with Griffin Newman (Part 2) 1:13 2/13/2019 πŸ”Š
126: Muppets From Space w/ Griffin Newman 2:21 7/8/2020 πŸ”Š
Podcast: The Ride Muppet*Vision 3D with Griffin Newman Mike Carlson, Jason Sheridan, Scott Gairdner 2:39 2/1/2019 πŸ”Š
T2-3D: Battle Across Time with Griffin Newman 2:16 4/18/2019 πŸ”Š
Casey Jr. Circus Train with Jenny Nicholson LIVE at P:TR23 1:39 8/30/2019 πŸ”Š
Downtown Disney Ordeal 5-3 with Nick Wiger 2:27 11/25/2019 πŸ”Š
Shrek 4-D with Griffin Newman 2:27 12/12/2019 πŸ”Š
Masters of the Universe Power Tour with Griffin Newman 2:34 7/23/2021 πŸ”Š
Toy Story Midway Mania with Griffin Newman 2:30 9/24/2021 πŸ”Š
Podcast the Ride: The Second Gate Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon with Griffin Newman 3:05 8/5/2020 πŸ”Š
Muppet Haunted Mansion with Griffin Newman 1:53 10/13/2021 πŸ”Š
Punch Up the Jam "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners (w/ Griffin Newman) Demi Adejuyigbe, Miel Bredouw 1:43 2/7/2019 πŸ”Š
"Steal My Sunshine" By Len (w/ Griffin Newman) 1:20 11/21/2019 πŸ”Š
Saturday Morning Cereal THE TICK, A Hero Will Land Again! With Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman 1:31 6/16/2019 πŸ”Š
Screen Drafts Jim Henson w/ Griffin Newman & JD Amato Clay Keller, Ryan Marker 3:12 5/18/2020 πŸ”Š
PIXAR SUPER DRAFT (with Griffin Newman, Angelique Jackson,…, and Dane McDonald) 6:10 11/22/2020 πŸ”Š
The /Filmcast Ep. 512 - Shazam! (GUEST: Griffin Newman from The Tick) David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Jeff Cannata 1:20 4/9/2019 πŸ”Š
Snap Impression Ep. 124: A Fire Can Be Any Gender with Griffin Newman, Moujan Zolfaghari, Dru Johnston, Casey James Salengo and Natasha Vaynblat Andy Beckerman, Ramsey Ess 0:57 2/13/2017 πŸ”Š
Ep. 112: Yes Suh - Live at UCB East August 2016 0:52 8/29/2016 πŸ”Š
Ep. 84: Get in My Belly or Go Home 1:16 2/15/2016 πŸ”Š
Spoon The Tick vs. The Podcast The Griffin Newman Interview 0:52 8/9/2016 πŸ”Š
Star Wars Minute Last Jedi Minutes 36-40 Pete the Retailer, Alex Robinson 3/22/2021 πŸ”Š
The Storm: A Lost Rewatch S3, E8 - "Flashes Before Your Eyes" with Griffin Newman Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzales, Neil Miller 1:56 7/1/2020 πŸ”Š
S4, E5 - "The Constant" with Griffin Newman 2:47 11/12/2020 πŸ”Š
Talking Simpsons Pokey Mom with Griffin Newman Bob Mackey, Henry Gilbert 2:46 7/14/2021 πŸ”Š
Teenz Talkin' TCGS Episode 4: The Griffin Rising 1:56 2/26/2014 πŸ”Š
This Had Oscar Buzz 088 - Alfie (with Griffin Newman) Joe Reid, Chris Feil 2:23 4/6/2020 πŸ”Š
Travolta/Cage #25: She's So Lovely/Con Air (with Griffin Newman) Nathan Rabin, Clint Worthington 1:23 12/24/2020 πŸ”Š
Unemployed Episode 17: Drug Bust In A Disney Store with Griffin Newman (aka Downtown Griffy Newmz) Anna Roisman 1:28 4/22/2020 πŸ”Š
Unspooled BONUS: 2019 Oscars Paul Scheer, Amy Nicholson 0:57 2/25/2019 πŸ”Š
Screen Test: Darkness in the Force 1:11 5/26/2021 πŸ”Š
We Are Trash People Check Out Our George Lucas Talk Show Watchalong 0:04 4/13/2020 πŸ”Š
We Hate Movies Episode 413 - Pet Sematary (with Griffin Newman) Chris Cabin, Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak, Eric Szyszka 2:15 4/1/2019 πŸ”Š
What a Time to Be Alive #179 Kid Not Know Swim? (w/ Griffin Newman) Patrick Monahan, Kath Barbadoro, Eli Yudin 1:40 4/12/2021 πŸ”Š

David Sims[]

Title Episode Host Duration Date Link
And Introducing… BONUS: BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY! (ft. David Sims) Chris Wade, Molly Mary O'Brien 1:15 11/11/2018 πŸ”Š
All of It The End of 'Game of Thrones' Sonia Saraiya 0:10 5/20/2019 πŸ”Š
All the President's Minutes All The President's Minutes - Minute 93 with David Sims Blake Howard 1:01 9/11/2020 πŸ”Š
Cannes I Kick It 2010s Cannes Blockbusters with David Sims Andy Germuga, Cullen Atchley, Emilio Diaz, Jesse Webber 1:29 7/3/2020 πŸ”Š
Classroom Crush The Poser & The Plonker with David Sims Rebecca Bulnes 1:15 11/29/2017 πŸ”Š
The Colin McEnroe Show Your Mind Makes It Real: 'The Matrix' 20 Years On Colin McEnroe 0:50 6/19/2019 πŸ”Š
EXP.Share: PokΓ©mon Play Podcast Radio Tower, Tin Tower/Whirl Islands, Blackthorn City, & Rising Badge (Ft. David Sims) #020 Josh Fjelstad, Tanner Greenring 1:16 3/17/2020 πŸ”Š
Final Season Two Battle with David Sims 0:41 5/29/2020 πŸ”Š
Super Battle Special with Mike and Kevin of PokΓ©sports, Fionnuala Jones of Bandwagons, & David Sims of Blank Check 1:24 9/4/2020 πŸ”Š
Routes 12-15, Cycling Road, Fuchsia City, & Soul Badge (Ft. David Sims) #050 1:14 10/13/2020 πŸ”Š
Solaceon Town, Solaceon Ruins, Lost Tower, Route 215, Veilstone City, & Cobble Badge (Ft. David Sims) #065 1:19 2/9/2021 πŸ”Š
Chasing Waterfalls / Climbing Rocks: Elite Four Rematch, Cerulean Cave, Mt. Silver, &c. (Ft. David Sims) #085 1:10 7/13/2021 πŸ”Š
Fighting in the War Room 152 - Star Wars Titles, Princess Marches, and Split's Secret Twist Katey Rich, Dave Gonzales, Matt Patches, and David Ehrlich 0:56 1/24/2017 πŸ”Š
Filmspotting: SVU SVU #150: The Meyerowitz Stories / Movies About Grown-up Brothers Alison Willmore 1:29 11/7/2017 πŸ”Š
The Flop House Episode 313: Dolittle Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington, Elliott Kalan 1:41 5/23/2020 πŸ”Š
Good Christian Fun The Identical (with David Sims) Kevin T. Porter, Caroline Ely 1:30 10/14/2020 πŸ”Š
High & Mighty 271: NYC Subway (w/ David Sims) Jon Gabrus 1:15 8/13/2020 πŸ”Š
How Did This Get Played? A Nightmare on Elm Street with David Sims Nick Wiger, Heather Anne Campbell, Matt Apodaca 1:25 10/4/2021 πŸ”Š
I Think You're Interesting Tired of boring blockbusters? Our critics pick the best summer movies of the 2000s. Emily VanDerWerff 1:03 7/5/2017 πŸ”Š
Iconography Colin Farrell (w/ David Sims) Ayo Edebiri, Olivia Craighead 1:12 6/17/2020 πŸ”Š
It's Cool to Like Anime Live from the Lawless Zone: A Ghost in the Shell (2017) Round Table Emily Yoshida 1:09 4/3/2017 πŸ”Š
#4: It's Pineapple Style!!! Ghibli Mumblecore Makes Us Calm Once More 0:53 2/9/2017 πŸ”Š
Jacking Off with Rebecca & Richie High Fidelity (w/ David Sims) Rebecca Bulnes, Richie Owens 1:29 2/10/2020 πŸ”Š
Little Gold Men Why Some People Never Stop Chasing Oscars Katey Rich, Richard Lawson, Joanna Robinson, Michael Hogan 0:46 3/23/2017 πŸ”Š
Apple's Revolution Will Be Televised . . . Or At Least That's What They Want You to Think 0:58 3/2/2019 πŸ”Š
MΓ©nage Γ  Trois Radio #33 - David Sims of The A.V. Club Murf Meyer, Diana Kolsky 0:43 11/20/2013 πŸ”Š
The MinnMax Show Resident Evil 3 Review, Ranking 3D Mario Games Ben Hanson, Kyle Hilliard, Jeff Marchiafava, Suriel Vazquez 2:21 4/2/2020 πŸ”Š
Mousterpiece Cinema Episode 299: Ponyo Josh Spiegel, Scott Renshaw 1:04 5/20/2017 πŸ”Š
Podcast Like It's 1999 76: Mystery Men with David Sims Phillip Iscove, Kenny Neibart 1:51 5/8/2019 πŸ”Š
130: The Limey w/ David Sims 1:53 8/5/2020 πŸ”Š
Podcast: The Ride European Vacation: Chessington World of Adventures with David Sims Mike Carlson, Jason Sheridan, Scott Gairdner 2:03 8/14/2020 πŸ”Š
Punch Up the Jam "Liquid Dreams" by O-Town (w/ David Sims) Demi Adejuyigbe, Miel Bredouw 1:14 1/30/2020 πŸ”Š
Random Movie Night S1 Ep. 4: Poltergeist II: The Other Side Mike Ryan, Keith Phipps 0:36 4/13/2017 πŸ”Š
S2 Ep. 4: Staying Alive 0:39 8/6/2018 πŸ”Š
The Review Multiple The Atlantic Culture Writers πŸ”Š
The /Filmcast Ep. 511 - The Matrix 20th Anniversary Retrospective (GUEST: David Sims from The Atlantic) David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, Jeff Cannata 1:47 4/2/2019 πŸ”Š
Slate's Culture Gabfest Orson Welles in a Snuggie Edition Dana Stevens, Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner 1:05 11/7/2018 πŸ”Š
St. Louis Style Edition 1:02 4/3/2019 πŸ”Š
Social Distance Have You Seen 'The Wretched'? James Hamblin, Katherine Wells 0:26 5/8/2020 πŸ”Š
Why Everyone Is Watching "Contagion" 0:18 3/22/2020 πŸ”Š
The Storm: A Lost Rewatch S1, E15 - "Homecoming" with David Sims Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzales, Neil Miller 1:52 8/14/2019 πŸ”Š
S2, E21 - "?" with David Sims 1:38 4/15/2020 πŸ”Š
S3, E19 - "The Brig" with David Sims 1:45 9/16/2020 πŸ”Š
Talk Nerdy to Me David Sims Ryley Trahan 0:33 3/22/2018 πŸ”Š
This Had Oscar Buzz 025 - Alexander (with David Sims) Joe Reid, Chris Feil 1:26 12/10/2018 πŸ”Š
The Watch We're Not Ready to Stop Talking About 'Fleabag,' Plus: The Wild West of Streaming Television Andy Greenwald, Chris Ryan 1:04 6/13/2019 πŸ”Š
We Hate Movies Episode 451 - Terminator Salvation (with David Sims) Chris Cabin, Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak, Eric Szyszka 1:58 11/4/2019 πŸ”Š
You're Missing Out The Crowd (1928) w/ David Sims Michael Natale, Tom Lorenzo 1:36 12/9/2020 πŸ”Š

Ben Hosley[]

Title Episode Host Duration Date Link
Best Show with Tom Scharpling I LOVE IT AND IT HATE IT Tom Scharpling 3:28 1/10/2018 πŸ”Š
Cannes I Kick It Peter Strickland with Ben Hosley Andy Germuga, Cullen Atchley, Emilio Diaz, Jesse Webber 1:37 10/1/2021 πŸ”Š
Classroom Crush Can't Quit Cray Rebecca Bulnes 1:08 12/12/2018 πŸ”Š
InBox Thank You Miss, can I Have Another Nicole Drespel, Matt Stroup 0:47 11/26/2019 πŸ”Š
Jacking Off with Rebecca & Richie Waterworld (w/ Ben Hosley) Rebecca Bulnes, Richie Owens 1:18 7/15/2019 πŸ”Š
MΓ©nage Γ  Trois Radio #141 - Ben Hosley of UCB Comedy Murf Meyer, Diana Kolsky 0:38 11/9/2016 πŸ”Š
Podcast Like It's 1999 77: Fantasia 2000 and Julien-Donkey Boy Phillip Iscove, Kenny Neibart, Karen Han 2:34 5/15/2019 πŸ”Š

Night Call

  • multiple episodes: Producer and Contributor

It's Happening, with Snooki and Joey

  • multiple episodes: Producer

MΓ©nage Γ  Trois Radio

  • multiple episodes: Producer

UCB Digital Podcast

  • multiple episodes: Producer

If you know of other outside podcast guest appearances -- by any of the hosts or producers of Blank Check -- please feel free to add them to the listings!