Peter Labuza (@labuzamovies on Twitter, on Letterboxd, and on the web) is a film critic and film historian. He is the critic for The Village Voice and his writing has appeared there as well as in The LA Review of Books, Variety, Filmmaker Magazine, The AV Club, and other outlets. Additionally he has hosted the podcast The Cinephiliacs for six years running, which has even featured a few guests in common with Blank Check.

He is also a 'John E. Rovensky Fellow in US Business and Economic History' at USC, working towards a PhD with a focus on legal history and the ways that has shaped the discourse and entertainment coming out of Hollywood. Look for his book on the history of entertainment law in about 5-7 years; in fact it will kind of be about the birth of the concept of blank checks!

Peter appeared on the Ride with the Devil episode of Blank Check, where he got to talk about (gasp) his hands-down favorite Ang Lee movie. He loved the way that Ang Lee made a movie about this momentous historical event of the Civil War, but with characters who are going through their own things that are of almost no consequence in that historical event.

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