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Pilot Viruet (@pilotviruet on Twitter) is a culture critic and editor with credits on Vice. They also started the infamous Videology Trivia Night team that Griffin and David were both on (and later kinda sorta took over).


Pilot was a guest for the Star Wars Holiday Special episode of Griffin and David Present. Despite having never seen it before, Griffin and David considered Pilot a good potential guest for the episode because they are often a fan of "bad" movies and shows, or at least movies and shows that most people don't like or appreciate.

Pilot was also featured on the War Horse episode of Blank Check. They were of the opinion that even though the titular War Horse was attractive and all, they did not understand the level of the characters' infatuation with this horse. However, eventually they all just decided to accept that people just seem to "really wanna fuck that horse!"


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
38 The Podcast Holiday Special
("The Star Wars Holiday TV Special")
🔊 Pilot Viruet 1:18 12/23/2015 The Star Wars Sequels
106 War Horse 🔊 Pilot Viruet 1:31 4/29/2017 Pod Me If You Cast
208 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 🔊 Pilot Viruet 2:26 3/17/2019 Podward Scissorcast