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Piranha II: The Spawning is episode 75 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Podinator: Judgment Cast miniseries covering the filmography of James Cameron. Posted Sepember 7, 2016.


It doesn't matter what we say here, no one's going to watch this!

James Cameron got his start electroshocking worms on low-budget Corman movies, and with Piranha II gets his first chance to direct on a Corman movie sequel project that was bought up by Italians. They had some interesting conditions for the movie, and so the final product features goodly amounts of 1) Penthouse T&A, and 2) piranhas that can fly. Of course, Cameron did not quite have the pull he later had, so this movie remained titled Piranha II: The Spawning rather than Piranhas or Piranha$.

So, why does James Cameron not really consider this movie to be his directing debut? Does Lance Henriksen pop like a motherfucker on screen, and does it look like he would make a good Terminator or a Bishop? Speaking of motherfuckers, what is going on with the romantic and the should-NOT-be-romantic-but-kind-of-looks-that-way relationships? And, even at this earliest stage of his directing career, where does it seem that the "Cameron Gaze" is looking?

Meanwhile David reacts to a negative review that complains about him cutting Griffin off too much - so he lets Griffin's song parody go long, and lets him run free to make points from atop his soapbox. And get ready: Griffin does some beautiful foley work on the way to his soapboxes.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Alternate location for dicks, to be more cinema-friendly: chest
  • Ben's Gripe: size of the piranha
  • "I love a French carnival!" -- Ben Hosley