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Pod Me If You Cast is a miniseries on the films of Steven Spielberg: The DreamWorks Years. It covers a portion of Steven Spielberg's directing career, spanning chronologically from 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park through the present.


Griffin and David called this the biggest topic yet tackled by the show, in terms of scale and success. It is also the first time the podcast focused on a portion of a career - otherwise it's just too much and too big a career, even though the skipped portion features other "blank check" movie projects. The co-hosts reserved the right to go back and cover the rest of Spielberg's career at some point in the future but for the moment decided to limit the scope to a manageable amount.

Basically, by founding his own entire movie studio in 1997, DreamWorks Pictures, Steven Spielberg managed to issue himself the biggest blank check in history. A single director had never founded an entire studio before, but Spielberg did it. For a period of about eight years he was able to control every aspect of his own filmmaking, from production to direction right through to marketing and distribution. DreamWorks has since been sold a few times, spun off or shut down various arms of its business, and entered into film distribution agreements with different parties. It currently functions more or less as a scaled-back production company.

Even though Lost World: Jurassic Park and The BFG were not technically DreamWorks movies, the miniseries worked better with them as bookends - chronologically Lost World came out after a four-year break from directing, which offered a clean starting point after such a long hiatus. David noted that he looked at the miniseries as "Spielberg: post-Oscar." (Spielberg had finally won the Academy Award for Best Director for 1993's Schindler's List, after a notable nomination snub for 1975's Jaws had led to a career of aspiring to win it one day.)

This miniseries was preceded by the Podinator: Judgment Cast miniseries, on the films of James Cameron. It was followed by the The Pod Knight Casts miniseries, on the films of Christopher Nolan.


# Title Audio Guest(s) Blank Check? Length Date
093 The Lost World: Jurassic Park πŸ”Š yes 1:42 1/28/2017
094 Amistad πŸ”Š yes 1:09 2/4/2017
095 Saving Private Ryan πŸ”Š Richard Lawson yes 1:45 2/11/2017
097 A.I. Artificial Intelligence πŸ”Š David Rees yes 2:00 2/25/2017
098 Minority Report πŸ”Š Joanna Robinson yes 2:06 3/6/2017
099 Catch Me If You Can πŸ”Š yes 1:57 3/10/2017
101 The Terminal πŸ”Š Jerah Milligan yes 1:56 3/25/2017
102 War of the Worlds πŸ”Š J.D. Amato yes 2:17 4/2/2017
103 Munich πŸ”Š Emily VanDerWerff yes 1:35 4/9/2017
104 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom
of the Crystal Skull
πŸ”Š David Ehrlich yes 1:58 4/15/2017
105 The Adventures of Tintin πŸ”Š Joe Garden no 1:59 4/22/2017
106 War Horse πŸ”Š Pilot Viruet no 1:31 4/29/2017
107 Lincoln πŸ”Š no 1:57 5/7/2017
108 Bridge of Spies πŸ”Š no 1:42 5/13/2017
109 The BFG πŸ”Š no 1:24 5/20/2017
141 The Post πŸ”Š no 1:30 12/31/2017
156 Ready Player One πŸ”Š no 1:57 4/1/2018
355 West Side Story πŸ”Š 2:39 12/19/2021

Ranking Their Filmography[]

  • Griffin and David shared their rankings (just top 5, and only up to 5/20/2017) on The First Blank Check Mailbag, rather than the final miniseries episode.
  • The Blankies rankings were compiled from the Reddit voting thread found on the r/Blankies sub-reddit, where the results were also later posted.
Rank Griffin David Blankies
1 A.I. Artificial Intelligence A.I. Artificial Intelligence Catch Me If You Can
2 Catch Me If You Can Minority Report A.I. Artificial Intelligence (tied for 2nd)
3 Bridge of Spies Bridge of Spies Saving Private Ryan (tied for 2nd)
4 The Adventures of Tintin Saving Private Ryan Minority Report
5 Minority Report Catch Me If You Can Bridge of Spies
6 Lincoln
7 The Adventures of Tintin
8 Munich
9 War of the Worlds
10 The BFG
11 Amistad
12 The Lost World: Jurassic Park
13 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom
of the Crystal Skull
14 The Terminal
15 War Horse