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Podback Mountcast is a miniseries on the films of Ang Lee. This miniseries title is cited as "Brokepod Mountcast" by Griffin and David in the first few episodes of the miniseries... Since so many episodes were banked up in advance and out of order, they forgot multiple times what they decided to name it in the first episode recorded (Sense and Sensibility). Clearly the fractured recording schedule wreaked havoc on everyone's faculties, but they got things handled by the Lust, Caution episode.


Ang Lee is a director of Taiwanese descent. He began making films in the Chinese language but after a couple foreign-language film Oscar nominations he made the leap to work in Hollywood. He couldn't even speak English very well at the time he was first making English-language movies, which is crazy to imagine. He made an historical Civil War epic which bombed spectacularly... and that might very well have been it for his career stateside, but for the fact that he had another movie pretty much in the can already. Might as well release it, I guess... and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon became an unbelievably improbable sensation which crossed over and even got Best Picture and Best Director Oscar nominations. It was such a success that Ang was able to immediately capitalize and make what Griffin refers to as the ur-blank-check movie, Hulk! How did that go, and how close did his career come to ending right there?

And then the rollercoaster ride went right back up again, and he made an English-language movie that netted a Best Director Oscar win this time. Where did he go from there? How do his recent experiments with technology and effects fit into this narrative?

There's some real variety in this filmography. What ties it all together? Perhaps his notable empathy for characters and people can provide a throughline.

This miniseries is preceded by The Podcastibles miniseries on the films of Brad Bird. It is followed by Something's Podda Cast, the miniseries covering the films of March Madness-winning Nancy Meyers.


# Title Audio Guest(s) Blank Check? Length Date
171 Pushing Hands/The Wedding Banquet πŸ”Š No and no 1:22 7/1/2018
172 Eat Drink Man Woman πŸ”Š Alison Willmore No 1:41 7/8/2018
173 Sense and Sensibility πŸ”Š Shirley Li No 1:59 7/15/2018
175 The Ice Storm πŸ”Š Emily Yoshida No 1:51 7/29/2018
176 Ride with the Devil πŸ”Š Peter Labuza Yes, sorta 1:51 8/5/2018
177 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon πŸ”Š David Ehrlich A Guarantor 2:10 8/12/2018
178 Hulk πŸ”Š Yes 2:20 8/19/2018
179 Brokeback Mountain πŸ”Š Matt Rogers
Bowen Yang
A Guarantor 1:57 8/26/2018
180 Lust, Caution πŸ”Š Chris Weitz Yes, sorta 1:59 9/2/2018
181 Taking Woodstock πŸ”Š Alex Ross Perry Yes 2:35 9/9/2018
182 Life of Pi πŸ”Š Ray Tintori Yes 2:20 9/16/2018
183 Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk πŸ”Š J.D. Amato Yes 2:35 9/23/2018
240 Gemini Man Yes 1:47 10/20/2019
Bonus Episode
184 Chosen - The Hire πŸ”Š NA 0:47 9/27/2018
Special Features
SF002 The Third Blank Check Mailbag/Hulk Live @ Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn πŸ”Š James Schamus NA 1:32 1/11/2019

Ranking His Filmography[]

  • The blankies' rankings were compiled in a voting thread found on the r/Blankies sub-reddit.
  • The sheer variety in genres and tones made this ranking a challenge, and you can tell from the differences between these three lists. Quite a challenge to compare films with such different aims, like, say, Hulk and Sense and Sensibility.
  • Notably, the blankies' stats showed a fairly clear 1st & 2nd, while the standard deviation for pretty much every entry from 3 to 9 was abnormally high - most of those films got ranked all over the place by various blankies.
Rank Griffin David Blankies
1 Hulk Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Brokeback Mountain
2 The Ice Storm Sense and Sensibility Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
3 Brokeback Mountain Eat Drink Man Woman Sense and Sensibility
4 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Brokeback Mountain Eat Drink Man Woman
5 Eat Drink Man Woman The Ice Storm The Ice Storm
6 The Wedding Banquet Hulk The Wedding Banquet
7 Lust, Caution The Wedding Banquet Lust, Caution
8 Sense and Sensibility Ride with the Devil Life of Pi
9 Life of Pi Life of Pi Hulk
10 Ride with the Devil Lust, Caution Ride with the Devil
11 Pushing Hands Pushing Hands Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk
12 Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Pushing Hands
13 Taking Woodstock Taking Woodstock Taking Woodstock