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Podcast Me to Hell is a miniseries covering the films of Sam Raimi beginning in March 2022.


The miniseries was announced during March Madness 2022. [1] Raimi had twice appeared in March Madness tournaments. In 2018 he beat Warren Beatty in the first round, Joe Dante in the second, and was eliminated by the bracket winner Nancy Meyers in the third. In 2019 he beat Elaine May in the first round, Michael Bay in the second, Francis Ford Coppola in the third, and was eliminated by the bracket winner Jonathan Demme in the fourth. At that point, the friends decided they'd cover him eventually (i.e. whenever he released a new movie).

The titular inspiration is the film Drag Me to Hell. The series was preceded by The Podcastiano on the films of Jane Campion. It is followed by Pod That Jazzcast on the films of Bob Fosse.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Ben's super sweaty miniseries name suggestion: Spider-Pod 3 Cast
  • Lots of talk about the weirdest/most awesome housemates ever: Raimi, the Coen Brothers, Frances McDormand, Holly Hunter, Kathy Bates.
  • Ben Nickname: TBD.


The timeline is based on the schedule in the announcement tweet, but is, of course, subject to change!

# Title Audio Guest(s) Blank Check? Length Date
367 The Evil Dead πŸ”Š The guarantor (ish) 2:08 3/20/2022
368 Crimewave πŸ”Š Brendan Hines Bounce that leads to a bigger clear... 2:18 3/27/2022
369 Evil Dead II πŸ”Š John Hodgman 3:01 4/3/2022
370 Darkman πŸ”Š Chris Weitz 2:27 4/10/2022
371 Army of Darkness πŸ”Š Eva Anderson 2:44 4/17/2022
372 The Quick and the Dead πŸ”Š Roman Mars Sharon Stone's, and a bounce 2:21 4/24/2022
373 A Simple Plan πŸ”Š Kevin Smith 2:38 5/1/2022
374 For Love of the Game πŸ”Š Olivia Craighead No 2:22 5/8/2022
375 The Gift πŸ”Š Starlee Kine 2:22 5/15/2022
376 Spider-Man πŸ”Š Matt Singer 3:13 5/22/2022
377 Spider-Man 2 πŸ”Š Chris Gethard 3:16 5/29/2022
378 Spider-Man 3 πŸ”Š Jamelle Bouie 2:36 6/5/2022
379 Drag Me to Hell πŸ”Š Jamie Loftus
Caitlin Durante
2:10 6/12/2022
380 Oz the Great and Powerful πŸ”Š Dana Schwartz Bounce 2:17 6/19/2022
381 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Patrick Willems 2:20 6/26/2022
Special Features
SF139 Evil Dead (2013) πŸ”Š Marie Bardi 1:34 4/11/2022

Ranking His Filmography[]

At the conclusion of the miniseries, the Blankies rankings will compiled from a voting thread found on the r/Blankies sub-reddit.


  1. ↑ @blankcheckpod. Tweet Mar 9, 2022. Twitter. Retrieved on March 10, 2022. β€œTaking a break from March Madness to announce... PODCAST ME TO HELL: BLANK CHECK PRESENTS THE FILMS OF SAM RAIMI We're gonna be talking Spider-Man and Bruce Campbell with some *really* fantastic guests over the next few months - get excited!”