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Poetic Justice is episode 324 focusing on the 1993 film of the same name as part of the Podz n the Cast miniseries on the films of John Singleton. Posted May 16, 2021.


Jourdain Searles (Bad Romance Pod) joins The Two Friends to discuss “Poetic Justice” - a film that is NOT about Janet Jackson teaching a poetry class, contrary to Griffin’s assumption. The episode also features a delightful Billy Zane tangent and includes probably the most Maya Angelou poetry of any Blank Check installment yet. [1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]


GRIFFIN: —on this episode of... Blank Check with Griffin and David. I'm Griffin.
DAVID: DAVID ... I'm David.
DAVID: I tried to get in so quickly I forgot to say I'm.
GRIFFIN: YUP. Because people have been clownin' on you. They've been clownin' on you for being slow on the uptake saying "And I'm David," so instead this time you were so overeager that you didn't even throw in the "And I'm." You just went "DAVID."
DAVID: Were you a high school poet, Ben?
POET LAUREATE: I mean, I was mad as hell... and I wrote it down.


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