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Ponyo on the Cliff (also known as Ponyo) is episode 241 focusing on the film of the same name as part of the Howl's Moving Podcastle miniseries. Posted October 27, 2019.


Writer, Shirley Li (The Atlantic) joins Griffin & David to discuss 2008's better Little Mermaid, Ponyo on the Cliff! Together they examine Ponyo's love of ham/Sosuke, offer up fresh Men In Black International takes, present life hacks such as bringing a fish back to life with vodka and yes, the dog is off the leash. [1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

Ponyo loves ham!

  • Ponyo loves ham, David loves Ponyo.
  • Sosuke’s mom is a classic David crush (aka bossy round face)
  • Ben nicknames @ 0:08:45, including Shirley’s suggestion for a new one: TinkerBen
  • Recorded around the time the Mann series wrapped so there’s some brainstorming of nicknames, including Public Benemies
    • Rejected nicknames: Dollarhoz, Michael Benn, Hosli (like Ali)
  • When Ben’s not vocal on an episode, pretty good chance he was hungover.
  • At any point in time, there’s an excellent chance Griffin has recently rewatched the Toy Story movies.
  • Recounts Griffin’s quest to get be someone’s plus one to the Toy Story 4 press screening.
  • Griffin briefly had a pet fish, which he named Car, that subsequently got released into the river.
  • David, Forky, and a bouncing baby Na’vi: a Modern Family.
  • Box office game: Weekend of August 14, 2009
  • David gets really amped about doing a Stephen Sommers miniseries?? Winter is Sommers?! (It’s not, but check out The Mummy for some Sommers talk)
  • Recorded in June 2019, so they make some predictions for the future.


Ben: Also theories are for school, okay? Leave that shit at school and enjoy some movies and some culture and don’t be like “Um, actually…”


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