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Romilly Newman is a food blogger from New York City and the younger sister of Blank Check co-host Griffin Newman.


She was part of the inaugural Family's Choice episode of the show. She decided that she wanted to discuss The Devil Wears Prada, a movie she found professionally inspiring despite her young age at the release of the film. Blank Check listeners can look forward to Romilly's insights on the opulent kitchens on display in March Madness winner Nancy Meyers' movies when the show tackles that filmography in October 2018.

According to long-time brother of hers Griffin, Romilly's favorite romantic comedy of her lifetime is the 2009 Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds vehicle, The Proposal.


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
126 The Devil Wears Prada 🔊 Romilly Newman 2:14 9/10/2017 Family Choice
166 Ratatouille 🔊 Romilly Newman
Joey Sims
2:15 6/3/2018 The Podcastibles
283 Julie & Julia 🔊 Romilly Newman 2:26 8/2/2020 You've Got Podcast