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Sarah-Violet Bliss (@SVBliss on Twitter and also Instagram) is a filmmaker, writer, and director. She has directed films like Fort Tilden, created and showruns Search Party on TBS, and written for Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix.


And she tremendously enjoys appearing on podcasts, which is one reason she gladly accepted the Blank Check invitation to talk about It's Complicated during the Nancy Meyers miniseries Something's Podda Cast. All the orange-bronze people! All the shades of off-white decor! She attempts to puzzle out what Steve Martin is doing both in and out of character, and also whether it is a) weird, or b) super-weird, to see adult siblings cuddle in a bed.

As is his wont to do, Griffin Newman seems to have given Sarah-Violet the nickname of SV or SVU. Griffin has appeared in multiple projects of hers, including Fort Tilden in which he managed to severely sunburn his knees on the beach during the shoot.


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
191 It's Complicated 🔊 Sarah-Violet Bliss 1:54 11/11/2018 Something's Podda Cast
358 Sweetie 🔊 Sarah-Violet Bliss 2:03 1/16/2022 The Podcastiano