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Shirley Li (on Twitter @shirklesxp) is a Staff Writer at Entertainment Weekly, covering movies and television. She has also written at Wired and for The Atlantic.


During her time at The Atlantic she of course worked with David Sims who nicknamed her the human Pikachu. When they were coworkers, she had a propensity to make jokes so bad she would follow them up with the leaves emoji. She had been based in NYC but immediately after appearing on Blank Check for the first time, she moved out to La-La-Land.

Shirley was a featured guest on the Sense and Sensibility episode of Blank Check, when she and #TheTwoFriends discussed Ang Lee's first English-language film and its amazingly prolonged writing & development process. Bless her, she fit right in with the show's dynamic and she earned several distributions of comedy points for various asides.

Her uncles Ang and Spike are so proud of her.



Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
173 Sense and Sensibility 🔊 Shirley Li 1:58 7/15/2018 Podback Mountcast
241 Ponyo 🔊 Shirley Li 2:13 10/27/2019 Howl's Moving Podcastle