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Sleepy Hollow is episode 205 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Podward Scissorcast miniseries covering the films of Tim Burton. Posted February 24, 2019.


Writer and director, David Lowery (The Old Man & the Gun, A Ghost Story) joins Griffin and David to discuss 1999's procedural horror, Sleepy Hollow. But when we die does the headless horseman come for us? Who are the cheek bone boys? Was Taylor Hicks a ten percenter? Together they examine the work of Emmanuel Lubezki, babies with mustaches, CGI deer and the crypt keeper. [1]

Sleepy Hollow moved in of the same studios that the first part of the Star Wars original trilogy was moving out of, but this time George's green screens were replaced by Tim's elaborate gothic sets. Burton had to clash with the studio to cast his guy Johnny Depp in the lead role as Daniel Day-Lewis and Liam Neeson were considered, but this was the last time any studio would say no to Depp working with Burton. And unlike some of his previous efforts, Sleepy Hollow was a hit, almost tripling its 70 million dollar budget worldwide.

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Joybird - You may not be able to get an Iron Maiden, but you can get some good other furniture from Joybird!

Brooklinen - Sleepy Hollow, well you got to go sleep, get a good sleep with Brooklinen sheets!