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Solo: A Star Wars Story is an episode focusing on the film of the same name, posted 27 May 2018. It is part of the podcast's continuing coverage of the Star Wars Sequels.


On the week of it’s release in May of 2018, Griffin and David discussed Solo: A Star Wars Story. [1]

This will be revisited later after the episode is listened to and digested. But as usual when a new episode comes out with its own Pat Reynolds artwork, just gotta get this beauty out there and on display.

As is becoming clear, when #TheTwoFriends revisit a past miniseries to discuss a new installment in the franchise or a new movie by that director, there is a goodly amount of time spent on the mics. 2 hours 22 minutes is not anywhere near a record, though. Strap in for a 12-parsec Kessel Run!

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • First new episode recorded by #TheTwoFriends in about four months. Wow, they sure banked up a ton of material.


  • Oh my goodness. It's the Admiral R. X. Bar (cousin of the famous rebel general Ackbar) at the door to tell Griffin and David about RXBAR. A good whole food source of protein, and they're introducing 3 new flavors in addition to a new line of nut butters.
  • We Transfer.
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