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Stargate is episode 274 and a Ben's Choice episode focusing on the 1994 film of the same name. The episode was the palate cleanser between Mad Pod: Fury Cast and You've Got Podcast. Posted May 31, 2020.


It's a Ben's Choice bay-bee! Dry, dusty tombs ✓ Crazy convoluted tech ✓ Vast intergalactic conspiracies? ✓✓✓ 1994's Stargate really does have it all. This week Ben gets to makes his case for this Egyptian/Sci-Fi Roland Emmerich cult favorite, and why it's best viewed from a porch. [1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • When are they gonna do a Carpenter series?!?!?
  • Kudos to the blankie SB who snuck in producer Ben's nicknames into the new Mortal Kombat! [2]
  • Ben is transitioning to a dry guy!
  • Griffin's Emmerich take: Spielberg for morons (not necessarily a bad thing)
  • Emmerich is on the Blank Check Black List. Google him? Or don’t! He’s bad.
  • Yes, Emmerich's films are trash but they're Griffin’s flavor of trash.
  • Porch movie logistics: they ran an extension cord outside. Sometimes it was cold, sometimes it was sunny. Porches are the only place they had to go.
  • Box-Office Game: Weekend of October 28, 1994. Griffin's battery was at 4%... can he make it without getting out of his chair to get a charger???
  • Possible future Ben's Choice eps: The Simpson's Movie, Tank Girl, Joe Dirt, Airplane!, and Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back.


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