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Starlee Kine is a podcaster and writer.


Starlee has worked for NPR on shows like This American Life, created the podcast Mystery Show, and most recently co-hosts Election Profit Makers alongside fellow guest David Rees.

Starlee also wrote for Search Party on televison created by Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers. Currently she is writing a podcast series for Audible and for season 3 of Dave.

She is a Blankie.


Main Feed[]

She acknowledged during The Gift that her brand on the pod seems to be attempted semi-prestige thrillers.

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
298 What Lies Beneath 🔊 Starlee Kine 2:16 11/15/2020 Podcast Away
375 The Gift 🔊 Starlee Kine 2:22 5/15/2022 Podcast Me to Hell