Episode #069


Suicide Squad (AKA Suicide Pod) is an episode focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the podcast's continuing coverage of the films of the DCEU. Posted 6 Aug 2016.


Look, we harbor no illusions here; this movie is bad.

Where it gets interesting is the investigation into why. Griffin and David begin with the broad strokes: What is wrong with the way DC is going about establishing their Extended Universe movie franchise to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Have they made any good decisions at all in this years-long process?

Then there is this movie, Suicide Squad. It was put on the DC movie schedule very early on in their planning process, which is... odd. In fact, they pushed it so hard that they picked a director and gave him just six weeks to write a script. Not only that, it would be featuring all new movie characters that are all "villainous" when DC hadn't even really established the good guys yet.

So #TheTwoFriends investigate. What were the ramifications of hiring a trailer-editing company to finish cutting the movie instead of director David Ayer? Maybe that is why there are TEN needle-drops of big famous songs within the first half hour because that's what trailers do, is make montages. Is there a madness to Jared Leto's Method in playing the Joker? Is Harley Quinn a third-wave feminist character? What is Will Smith's status as a movie star? Are there any possible fixes to make this movie good... and which is better, Suicide Squad or Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Milestones and Ephemera

  • The Green Lantern's lantern: green from the get-go
  • Griffin's MVP: Viola Davis
  • David's MVP: Will Smith
  • Deadshot: shoots people dead
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