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Tales from the Crypt is episode 79 of Blank Check: Special Features as part of the Podcast Away miniseries on the films of Robert Zemeckis. Posted November 11, 2020.


Welcome checkmates to Blank Check: Special....Fright-tures! HAHAHA! In this bone-us episode, Griffin...Wolfman and David...Slimes DARED to watch and talk about 3 episodes of Tales from the Crypt directed by Robert Zemeckis! HAHAHA!

"And All Through the House" - 1989 - S1 Ep2
Starring Mary Ellen Trainor, Larry Drake, Marshall Bell

"Yellow" - 1991 - S3 Ep14
Starring Kirk Douglas, Eric Douglas, Lance Hendriksen, Dan Aykroyd

"You, Murderer" - 1995 - S6 Ep15

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, John Lithgow, Isabella Rossellini, Sherilyn Fenn[1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Griffin and David did this episode “Big Willy Style” (just the two of them)


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