Talking Maul Live @ DCM19 is episode 122, part of the podcast's continuing coverage of the Star Wars Sequels. The interview with Peter Serafinowicz was recorded on June 24, 2017 live at the UCB Theater in New York City as part of the 2019 Del Close Marathon. Posted 20 August 2017.


The episode is dominated by an extended bit about Peter's method-acting preparation and immersion for the role. And it was recorded live in front of an audience at the 19th annual Del Close Marathon, in the Upright Citizens Brigade party space which has been referred to as "the worst place to record a podcast."

More than a year later, during the Chosen - The Hire bonus episode, it was revealed that Benedict Wong attended this taping after flying up to NYC on Robert Downey Jr.'s plane on a lark. Griffin and David met him afterward and got to have a conversation with one of their favorite character actors while he was in the middle of filming Avengers movies. Pretty fun!

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