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Talking the Walk is an annual feature wherein J.D. Amato appears on the podcast to talk about frame rates and digital effects.


In the Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk episode, J.D. "talks the walk" referring to the titular walk. In the episode, J.D. talks largely about high frame rate and the technical prowess involved in making the film. He returned in 2019 around the release of Gemini Man to talk again about high frame rate while taking a literal walk with Griffin and David in New York City. The third installment is about the film The Walk, primarily because of the name of the film includes the word "walk." In an effort to broaden the scope of the Talking the Walk franchise, the fourth installment consists of a retrospective and ranking of the best walks in film history.

Secret Podcast[]

In the 2020 episode on The Walk, J.D. read a series of riddles. The solutions to the riddles combined to reveal the location of a secret interview recorded with Kevin Baillie, the visual effects supervisor for The Walk. At the time the main feed episode was recorded, neither Griffin nor David had any knowledge of the interview. Blankies on reddit found the location and password, however some of the specifics of the riddles have yet to be documented.[1]

Merchandise Spotlight[]

Miste Blankie.jpg

Every year there is a limited edition, commemorative merch item to accompany the episode. It is most commonly a t-shirt, but in 2021 it was a spatula. The first two featured relatively generic design, but the third reproduced a portion of JD's infamous note.


Official Episodes[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
183 Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 🔊 J.D. Amato 2:35 9/23/2018 Podback Mountcast
SF037 Walking The Talk 2019: A Funeral For Frames 🔊 J.D. Amato 2 :05 11/11/2019 Patreon Standalones
304 The Walk 🔊 J.D. Amato 2:35 12/27/2020 Podcast Away
SF122 Talking the Walk 2021: Ranking the Walks 🔊 J.D. Amato 3:01 12/11/2021 Patreon Standalones

Secret Podcast Episodes[]

The secret podcast, also called Talking the Walk, is hosted by J.D. Amato and produced by Ben Hosley. In order to listen to this episode, one must solve the riddles in featured in The Walk, or go on reddit to find the answers. [2]

# Title Guest(s) Length Date
1 Talking the Walk Kevin Baillie 0:59 12/27/2020


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