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The Book of Henry (also known as The Cast of Davey) is episode 113 focusing on the film of the same name. A standalone episode, posted 18 Jun 2017.



Over the course of the podcast's first 100+ episodes, Griffin and David had made it quite clear what they thought of director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World), just another example of Griffin burning bridges in Hollywood before he could even cross them. When Trevorrow was selected to direct the highly anticipated upcoming Star Wars Episode IX, #TheTwoFriends despaired. 

And then Trevorrow quietly put together a little movie called The Book of Henry.

David saw this movie at a critic's screening with past and future guest Emily Yoshida, and friend and future guest Armond White. Afterward he was so flabbergasted and befuddled and broken by it that Griffin felt he had to face it too: he had to open the Book. 

In this episode, Griffin and David made it their mission to attempt to completely explain the movie, within a time limit of just 60 minutes, to audience surrogate Producer Ben. Will they be able to beat the buzzer on Ben's timer? Will Ben immediately point out the gaping plot holes and logical gaps in the story? Can Trevorrow get away with the perfect crime and go on to work on Star Wars? (SPOILER ALERT)

Listeners sometimes cite this episode as one of the best of the podcast. Blank Check with Griffin and David is not a "bad-movie podcast" but they can do it really well if they need to.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Word Griffin loves: patina
  • Thing Ben loves: steampunk trees
  • Thing David loves: Ben's ringtone, which is an old-fashioned car horn
  • Primary competition for most hated movie of all time: Francis Ford Coppola's Jack
  • Alternate title for The Dark Knight Rises in a David dream: Twenty Years, But More Italians