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The Burger Report is a glorious recurring feature that has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to the actual purpose of the podcast.

Whenever anyone on the show has a story about seeing a Fame-o eat a hamburger, they can file a Burger Report on the podcast. Eventually a hotline for listeners to file Burger Reports via voicemail was established, and those reports are eligible to air on the show.


To file a Burger Report: call 1-802-8-BURGER and leave a clear, complete, and concise voicemail with the name and perhaps the fame-o-worthiness of the Fame-o, where you saw them eating a burger, and any and all details you might have on the burger itself.

In order to be considered a true Burger Report, the food item must be called a burger. The protein does not need to be beef or even meat, but preferably the meat must be ground and shaped into a puck. However food items that are ground and shaped into a puck are not necessarily considered burgers (i.e. crab cakes). Sandwiches DO NOT COUNT.


Burger Reports are included in, but not necessarily limited to, these episodes:

Other Foods[]

Eventually the bit devolved into The Orange Twist Files where Ben would recount drinks he made for fame-o's.

In the 5th Anniversary Special, Emily VanDerWerff leaves a voicemail for the boys and at the end she files a Taco Report about Jon Favreau.