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The Clone Wars Animated Series is episode 30 and the seventh part of the Revenge Of The Podcast miniseries, about Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Posted 8 Nov 2015.


Jonathan Braylock (Black Men Can’t Jump (In Hollywood) podcast) joined Griffin and David on this episode to cover the entirety of the 2003-2005 animated television shorts Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Set during the three year gap between films Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, the Genndy Tartakovsky-directed series is a unanimous hit. Together they discuss all three seasons in extreme detail including: the numerous extended fight scenes, pre-cough General Grievous, C3PO’s comic relief, how-to make a lightsaber and very much more!

Also, reading fan’s iTunes reviews, the recent Jar Jar theory scandal and Producer Ben’s character spotlight: see below.

This episode is perhaps most notable for being the first episode where #TheTwoFriends got to discuss a piece of content that they unreservedly love. It was a big change from the Star Wars prequels that had up to now been the exclusive focus of the podcast. It serves as a preview of the evolution into the Blank Check era of the show; after completing this Revenge of the Podcast miniseries, the show was able to successfully pivot and discuss good movies much more often.

Milestones and character creations[]

  • Batt Pecki: A bat man, from the cave planet of Kreggon
  • Al-oh-gashu: A huge jedi, all brawn, but is conjoined by the shoulder to a smart little guy named Frank
  • Darth Stupid Idiot: Always wet and tired, his lightsaber is a prolapsed anus

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