The Dark Knight is episode 119 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the The Pod Knight Casts miniseries covering the filmography of Christopher Nolan. Posted 30 July 2017.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Griffin and David this week discuss the second film in Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight. How was Michael Mann’s Heat an influence on this movie? What does Commissioner Gordon mean by “playing it close to the vest?” Also, why so serious? Together they examine the electrifying performance of Heath Ledger, Nolan’s love for temporalities, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes and why the Academy Award for Best Picture category changes after this movie comes out."[1]

Between its box-office totals and its impact on culture and the film industry, The Dark Knight could very well be the biggest movie of the 21st century.

#TheTwoFriends begin with Nolan's uncertainty about even making this sequel. He eventually decided in favor, but what approaches did he take to make the project artistically worthwhile to him personally? How did he take two different scripts, each with a different villain/storyline, and meld them into one movie? Did the end result inspire a slew of terrible imitators, in the way that, say, Pulp Fiction did?

This is also, of course, Heath Ledger's iconic turn as the Joker. Griffin and David come at it from all angles - casting, promotional strategy, his untimely death before the movie came out, Nolan's reactions in public, and then of course the actual performance itself... and the impact of it today.

How does Nolan 'weaponize' his blank check status in this movie? As scary and freaky as the Joker and Batman are, is it weird that there's barely any actual blood until Two-Face near the end? When does the 'dead-wife' Nolan trope finally rear its head? Does this movie have a political legacy? A social legacy? Did The Dark Knight mark the beginning of 'bad fan-culture,' especially for superhero and comic-book adaptations?

Milestones and Ephemera[edit | edit source]

  • Jared Leto: still terrible
  • Joker: Richard T.
  • Scarecrow: John C.
  • Griffin: practicing future ad-read bits
  • David: Professor Frustrated

References[edit | edit source]

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