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The Deleted Scenes is episode 21 and the ninth part of the Attack of the Podcast miniseries, about the film Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. Posted 28 Aug 2015.


Griffin and David welcome another amazing guest in this episode, Chase Mitchell ("The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon"). Together, they discuss deleted scenes like: Anakin hanging out with Padmé's father (who is some bum), Jocasta Nu may have had a fling with Count Dooku, and the Galactic Senate discussing the option to militarize or pass “the Binks bill.”

Griffin also reads more fan fiction this time about Dexter’s diner (OK, OK, and maybe a erotic scene between Anakin and Padmé). Plus, the gang shares their final thoughts on the film.

Is it another case solved? Did they reach any kind of conclusions? Is there some kind of huge revelation exposed in this episode? Listen and find out all these answers and more!

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Number of "hmm"s: 4
  • Best Jedi Beatles song: "Can't Know No Love"
  • Impressions added to Ben's MadTV reel: Jar Jar Binks