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The First Blank Check Mailbag is episode 112 and the first in a grouping of Mailbag episodes, where Griffin and David answer questions sent to them by listeners and friends of the show. Posted 11 Jun 2017.


"#thetwofriends use this episode to field questions from their listeners. Where do they get their bagels from? What did they think about Fate of the Furious? Does the voice actor who voices a Sith lord qualify as a full on Sith lord? What podcasts do they listen to? Is Griffin busy with filming The Tick? (Yes!) What nicknames would Ben give Griffin and David? Hear all the answers here and here alone."[1]

#TheTwoFriends let the messages pile up so long that they'd gone through two email accounts, dating from the beginning of the show. And now, time to answer the mail! Where does Griffin get his bagels and where is David's go-to spot for sandwiches? How many hot takes on the Fast & Furious movies can they pile up? What movies are unexpectedly calming to watch for Griffin, David, and Ben? Will there be a new Blank Check miniseries re-emphasizing the 'mystery investigation' angle? Will #TheTwoFriends do a bonus episode on Avatarland? SPOILER ALERT. Listen on as Griffin and David give shoutouts to at least a couple dozen ideas for future Blank Check miniseries' and episodes, discuss what their own family members think of their work and of the Blank Check podcast in particular, and come to terms with the idea that a blank check is often a mixed blessing for a filmmaker.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Burger Report! From David!
  • Merchandise Spotlight! Griffin is going to be a toy!
  • Holy cow, a lot of ideas for future miniseries all through this episode.
  • new nicknames for David: Professor Frustrated, Our Finest Sandwich Critic
  • new nickname for Griffin: Dr. Tangent