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The Iron Giant is episode 163 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the The Podcastibles miniseries covering the films of Brad Bird. Posted 13 May 2018.



This week Blank Check begins a new mini series reviewing the filmography of director Brad Bird with a discussion of 1999’s critically acclaimed animated feature, The Iron Giant. But does the Iron Giant wear a shirt? Did the studio request this movie be set in present day and have a hip hop soundtrack? Should Griffin and David fight more? Together, in their worst episode ever, they examine Brad Bird’s origin story, the hotness of Harry Connick Jr. as beatnik industrial artist Dean McCoppin, the upcoming Blank Check Pictures slate and booger stores.[1]

It's the first entry in a new miniseries! And that includes all the context these connoisseurs can bring to bear, including some good animation nuts and bolts from Griffin.

Brad Bird's career development is fascinating, and how his own personal life intersected with his pitch for this story is both eye-opening and tragic. Not to mention the background on how this movie even got made by its studio.... the yo-yo story of how it almost got shelved then suddenly fast-tracked.... and informed speculation on how Bird was able to make this film the way he wanted without much second-guessing or interference from the folks writing the checks.

Why did David want to see this movie so much when it came out? (Hint: it is perhaps connected to where he grew up.)

Why was Griffin so excited to see it? (Hint: it is perhaps connected to Hollywood animation industry stuff, and possibly a particular voice actor too.)

What does Ben think about the size of the robot?

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • "This is our worst episode ever." C'mon now.
  • the Blank Check Pictures slate is really getting filled out with some exciting projects
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