Episode #140[edit | edit source]


The Last Jedi is an episode focusing on the film Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, posted 17 Dec 2017. It is part of the podcast's continuing coverage of the Star Wars Sequels.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Griffin and David have lots to say in this one, that is for sure. Should Leia have died on-screen in this movie? Luke, why so serious? How cool is blue milk, and where it comes from? Are the casino scenes and pretty much Rose and Finn's whole plots good, or are they unnecessary as a vocal fan minority believes? Is Adam Driver shaping up as this generation's greatest actor, or is he using too much paprika? And of course, SPACE DERN.

David takes the role of proselytizing fan of this movie, having seen it three times already before the recording. Griffin has seen it just once going in, and that seems to be a big factor in why he is still uncertain about the merit of several elements of the movie. David does his level best to make his own enthusiasm contagious.

This episode set a new record for, shall we say, lack of brevity. The 2:40 recording time surpassed each of the "Watch With Us" episodes during the first three miniseries' on the Phantom Menace trilogy, and in addition is longer than the film itself.

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