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The Loveless is episode 127 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Pod-19: The Widowcaster miniseries covering the filmography of Kathryn Bigelow.


"Introducing a new mini series on the complete filmography of director Kathryn Bigelow! This week Griffin and David begin with her 1982 debut feature, The Loveless, about a wild 1950’s motorcycle gang in small-town America. But who is co-director Monty “Old Timey” Montgomery? How did Bigelow’s background in the fine arts and academia influence her films to come? How does the evolution of actors portraying the Joker eventually lead to a Vine star? Together they examine Willem Dafoe getting fired from Heaven’s Gate, DC supervillian’s relationship with vats of toxic waste, Marc Maron’s favorite seas and under ball. Plus, they present their Nolan filmography rankings."[1]

This miniseries begins with the only episode in the series to not feature a guest, and *surprise*, Griffin and David don't discuss the movie that much. Better time is spent as David assumes many things about co-director Monty Montgomery through only his name and IMDb profile picture. (He was the cowboy in Mulholland Drive?) Is he in fact a 19th century whiskey distillery owner transported to 1981 and had to be convinced these new fangled moving pictures work?

Before making movies, Bigelow was a painter, house-flipper (maybe her and Jeremy Renner exchanged stories on the set of The Hurt Locker), and a Gap model. Griffin notes that it is interesting to see the progression from Bigelow's fine arts background to creating genre films that both "the dumbest and smartest person in the room can like".

One *tiny* thing the film is notable for is being the first film role of one of our greatest living character actors Willem Dafoe, as well as his balls. #thetwofriends make sure to spend ample time discussing them as well as his 2009 op-ed titled "What I Know About Women". He was filming as a minor character in one of the biggest bounces of all time Heaven's Gate, but he was abruptly fired on set by noted sane person Michael Cimino. Lars Von Trier as been quoted in saying that the man's penis is "confusingly large".

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Martin Scorsese: Good in Shark Tale
  • Willem Dafoe: Big Milwaukee
  • Griffin Newman: First ever Disney employee with a Marvel character name tag
  • Ben's pitch for a Hangover prequel: The Buzzed
  • Every Batman Villain: Fell into a toxic vat