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The Manchurian Candidate is episode 258 focusing on the film of the same name directed by Jonathan Demme as part of the Stop Making Podcasts miniseries. Posted February 23, 2020.


The Flop House joins Blank Check to talk about this remake that was like okay, but definitely better than the last Demme remake. Is Meryl good or weird? Why is a pack of cards so sexy? How many films and TV shows are there about last men? How do you get rid of ants? What mysteries are still left unanswered? And what does the Flop House think about Trolls the Experience?

SFX: "Organ" by caquet; "movietheatreambience"  by NoiseCollector;  "curtain on rail" by Khanyi_190188; and "COUCH - falling on couch" by Jay6Waza. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License. [1]

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