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The Matrix Reloaded is episode 55 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the The Podchowski Casters miniseries covering the filmography of the Wachowskis. Posted April 28 2016.


This week, Griffin and David examine the highly anticipated 2003 follow up, The Matrix Reloaded. Was it a misstep to build this release around a video game (Enter the Matrix) most viewers hadn’t played and an animated series (The Animatrix) most of the audience hadn’t seen? Was it worth bringing Agent Smith back? Does David convince Griffin to reevaluate his feeling towards this film? Listen along as they discuss how most of the characters in this movie represent computer programs, the tragic loss of actress Gloria Foster during the production, the grossness of the Merovingian and Producer Ben shares his thoughts on The Keymaker. [1]

The longest opener in the history of the show. Griffin went so far with The Architect's lines that he ran out of breath.

The Matrix was a huge gigantic hit, everyone saw it, everyone loved it, it was so crazy and awesome and cool and it put Keanu Reeves back on the top of the world and the Wachowskis were the toast of Hollywood. Then came The Matrix Reloaded, and it was met with.... "Uh, what?" Fans were not impressed. The philosophical ideas were obscure, the references were byzantine, the action was no longer mind-blowing, and the ending was confusing. It's tough to follow a perfect movie, but still.

Now, Griffin and Ben still disliked this movie. But David, having put himself through a self-education course on the Matrix sequels over the years, has grown to appreciate them and feels that he has a better handle on what they are and what the Wachowskis were trying to do.

So here's Griffin's challenge for David: "I need you to explain why this movie is good."

Okay! So, is this a failure of popular entertainment/cinema? What are the motivations for any of these characters? Are Morpheus, the Oracle, Trinity, and Agent Smith disappointments only by comparison to their parts in the first Matrix, or do any of them have new functions that the movie just doesn't properly prime viewers to appreciate? The French characters, the keymaker, the ghost twins - do any of these new characters work? Are some of these scenes that seem ridiculous and goofy - like the "you don't really know someone until you fight them" action scene - do these scenes actually have a mind-blowing rationalization? What is going on in the long scene with the Architect, and why is that scene not the actual end of this movie?

After all this, does David's explanation turn this thing around for Griffin and Ben? How about you, the listener?

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