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The Mummy (1999) is episode 113 of Blank Check: Special Features and about 1999 film of the same name as part of the The Mummy commentary miniseries.


The curse has been lifted! BC:SF officially opens the tomb to a new commentary series with The Mummy franchise! Griffin, David, and Ben re-recorded their commentary of 1999 reboot after experiencing technical issues with the first session. Topics include: hotness, the casts's career trajectory, bug candy and more! [1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • The movie starts at 5:48.
  • This episode was Cursed. It was supposed to be posted the previous day, but the recording was lost. In lieu of an episode, the BC crew posted a 2018 photo of Producer Ben dressed up as a Mummy. [2]
  • Griffin's favorite Universal fanfare
  • Box office: Weekend of May 7, 1999
  • The friends promise Matrix commentaries!


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