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The Old Guard is episode 287 focusing on the film of the same name and the final episode (for now) of the Pod & Basketcast miniseries. Posted August 30, 2020.


In The Old Guard (2020), Charlize Theron, Kiki Layne, and a group of immortal warriors define why it's worth living to fight another day. Plus they look extremely cool doing it. This week, we wrap up Gina Prince-Bythewood's series with her most recent film, released on Netflix mid-pandemic. How has 2020 affected the release and how we watch it (preferably from a porch)? What do we want to see out of a sequel? What's the best Netflix movie formula? Join Griffin, David and Ben as we list our favorite Prince-Blythwood movies and what blank checks we're looking forward to in the future.[1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]