Checking in on films that are part of the DC Extended Universe. An unofficial miniseries consisting of several episodes scattered among the other miniseries of the podcast.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This is an oddball series in the Blank Check episodography.

Originally Griffin and David recorded a standalone episode on the just-released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a palate cleanser between miniseries - after Pod Night Shyamacast and before the start of The Podchowski Casters. The episode recording session was beset by technical problems as well as, according to #TheTwoFriends, plagued by terrible unentertaining content. However, after recording that episode and having released at least a salvaged portion of it, and later a standalone episode on Suicide Squad, they felt they had unwittingly sort of backed into covering each new film featuring DC Comics characters in the so-called DC Extended Universe. This despite the fact that neither Griffin nor David even liked these movies, at least until Wonder Woman was released over a year later.

Hence, the "unofficial" in "The PodDCEU Cast (unofficial)."

So get ready for Blank Check: Aquaman, coming December 2018, followed by whichever of the other bajillion announced DC projects actually get made. We'll see if that Spielberg-directed one actually comes to fruition.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date
053 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice -
The Lost Episode
🔊 0:43 4/22/2016
069 Suicide Squad 🔊 1:55 8/6/2016
111 Wonder Woman 🔊 1:50 6/4/2017
137 Justice League 🔊 1:55 11/26/2017
197 Aquaman 🔊 2:09 12/23/2018
239 Joker 1:59 10/13/2019
257 Birds of Prey Angela Ferraguto
Emma Stefansky
Ashleigh Heaton
Preeti Chhibber
2:14 2/16/2020
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