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Checking in on films that are part of the DC Extended Universe. An unofficial miniseries consisting of several episodes scattered among the other miniseries of the podcast.


This is an oddball series in the Blank Check episodography.

Originally Griffin and David recorded a standalone episode on the just-released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a palate cleanser between miniseries - after Pod Night Shyamacast and before the start of The Podchowski Casters. The episode recording session was beset by technical problems as well as, according to #TheTwoFriends, plagued by terrible unentertaining content. However, after recording that episode and having released at least a salvaged portion of it, and later a standalone episode on Suicide Squad, they felt they had unwittingly sort of backed into covering each new film featuring DC Comics characters in the so-called DC Extended Universe. This despite the fact that neither Griffin nor David even liked these movies, at least until Wonder Woman was released over a year later.

Hence, the "unofficial" in "The PodDCEU Cast (unofficial)."

So get ready for Blank Check: whichever of the other bajillion announced DC projects actually get made. We'll see if that Spielberg-directed one actually comes to fruition.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Eventually the friends decided that they no longer needed/wanted to cover the films of the DCEU. They skipped Shazam, but covered Wonder Woman 1984 as the last of the unofficial series.
  • In March 2021 after the release of the infamous Snyder cut, #TheTwoFriends appeared on the podcast How Did This Get Made? to discuss the film with past guests Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas. The episode was missing co-host June Diane Raphael, allowing all the boys to talk about the film in a more Blank Check-esque way. Had June been there, she would have vetoed the entire thing (and rightly so).


# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date
053 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - The Lost Episode 🔊 0:43 4/22/2016
069 Suicide Squad 🔊 1:55 8/6/2016
111 Wonder Woman 🔊 1:50 6/4/2017
137 Justice League 🔊 1:55 11/26/2017
197 Aquaman 🔊 2:09 12/23/2018
239 Joker 🔊 1:59 10/13/2019
257 Birds of Prey 🔊 Angela Ferraguto
Emma Stefansky
Ashleigh Heaton
Preeti Chhibber
2:14 2/16/2020
305 Wonder Woman 1984 🔊 2:36 1/3/2021
How Did This Get Made?
262 Zack Snyder’s Justice League (w/ Griffin Newman, David Sims) 🔊 Griffin Newman
David Sims
2:05 3/25/2021