"The Podrace" is episode 7 and the seventh part of the The Phantom Podcast miniseries. Posted 4 May 2015.


The podrace sequence is the one part of this movie viewers seem to complain about the least. Griffin and David this week tackle all the elements of the Boonta Eve Classic including who are these racers and their backstories, discuss Watto and the Hutts, as well as gambling for ownership of a boy. Thank goodness for Wookieepedia, which is used extensively during this episode to discover all kinds of information and backstories for all the characters shown during the podrace scenes.

Also, quick shout-outs to David Schwimmer ("Friends") and vegetables. Plus discussion of Griffin's unfortunate choices in footwear, another brief mention of Griffin's 10th grade paper "Back in Blackface" after the revelation of its existence in the previous podcast episode, and a gorgeously delivered bit about Sebulba's slave-owning which takes about five minutes for Griffin just to get through the setup.

Follow along with @TheTwoFriends as they watch! Cue up The Phantom Menace to the 55:04 mark on the Blu-ray and wait for Griffin and David to give the go-ahead to proceed. It's gonna be a real quick episode!

Milestones and Ephemera

  • Proposed length of episode: 12 minutes
  • Actual length of episode: 74 minutes
  • Number of slaves that it might be morally permissible to own in this hellish society on Tatooine: Two

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