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The Royalty of Naboo is episode 2 and the second part of the The Phantom Podcast miniseries, posted 30 Mar 2015.


Queen-elect, high school dropout, hand maiden?

This week Griffin and David look at Queen Amidala and the history of the royalty of Naboo. Why was actress Natalie Portman widely trashed for her performance in this movie? With the complicated costumes, the extravagant hair, the memorable make up, was it the strange choice to speak like a Canadian from South Park? Was Keira Knightley acting as Queen Amidala’s double supposed to be a surprise? These questions and more are answered in this sophomore installment.

So, what is the film about? I think it's about the necessary end of.... aristocracy? Right?  Or is it, mo' money, mo' problems?  Or perhaps, Queen for a day?

Two years after this episode was recorded (during The First Blank Check Mailbag episode), this episode was cited by Producer Ben as the moment when he thought the show had definite potential, due especially to the on-mic chemistry.


  • Ben Hosley Nickname Added: Pro-doer Ben
  • A Portman's Dozen: 14
  • The Whole Planet: A City
  • Merchandise Spotlight! (Called "Merchandise Side-Bar" here)

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