An un-official series where the hosts cover the sequels to the Star Wars Phantom Menace trilogy, i.e. all the Star Wars movies people love, and then some.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This still-continuing miniseries includes Blank Check episodes discussing each installment of the so-called OT (original trilogy) of movies released in the late 70's and early 80's, which are the last episodes to adhere to the Griffin and David bit where they pretend not to know about any Star Wars movies that take place after the one being discussed. In fact, at the time of recording the bit was actually true: the Star Wars-exclusive era of the podcast ended up being perfectly timed to conclude just as Episode VII: The Force Awakens was released, so the co-hosts' anxiety and anticipation is palpable leading up to that momentous event.

This episode grouping includes Blank Checks on all Star Wars movies made after the Phantom Menace trilogy in terms of the episode structure, the new series of separate-but-equal standalone "Star Wars Story" films, the bizarrely fascinating Star Wars Holiday Special made for television without George Lucas' involvement, and episodes on related topics such as news about director hirings & firings plus a special live installment with an actual actor from the Phantom Menace.

Some of these episodes were not recorded during the "Griffin and David Present" era of the podcast but use the original intro music (the Layne Montgomery creation, a Duel of the Fates/Serial mashup) from the 2015 incarnation of the show. Following the episode The Podcast Reawakens, the show pivoted from "Griffin and David Present" to "Blank Check with Griffin and David," with a new theme song and a new structure that revolved around auteur directors rather than Star Wars exclusively.

The initial installments of this miniseries were preceded by the Revenge Of The Podcast miniseries. They were followed by the Pod Night Shyamacast miniseries.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date
34 A New Podcast πŸ”Š 1:22 12/6/2015
35 The Podcast Strikes Back πŸ”Š 1:17 12/14/2015
36 Return Of The Podcast πŸ”Š 1:26 12/16/2015
37 The Podcast Awakens πŸ”Š 1:56 12/20/2015
38 The Podcast Holiday Special πŸ”Š Pilot Viruet 1:18 12/23/2015
39 The Podcast Reawakens πŸ”Š Emily Yoshida 1:44 1/11/2016
88 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story πŸ”Š 2:12 12/16/2016
122 Talking Maul Live @ DCM19 πŸ”Š Peter Serafinowicz 0:51 8/20/2017
125 Here Today Gone Trevorrow -
An Emergency Minisode
πŸ”Š 0:26 9/7/2017
140 The Last Jedi πŸ”Š 2:40 12/17/2017
165 Solo: A Star Wars Story πŸ”Š 2:23 5/27/2018
250 The Rise of Skywalker Angela Ferraguto 2:29 12/22/2019
Special Features
SF42 Solo 2:23 1/1/2020
SF44 Rogue One Chris Weitz 2:57 1/21/2020
SF46 Star Wars Commentary 2:30 2/1/2020
SF48 The Empire Strikes Back 2:20 2/21/2020
SF49 Return of the Jedi 2:23 3/1/2020
SF53 The Force Awakens 2:20 3/21/2020
SF55 The Last Jedi 2:39 4/1/2020
SF58 The Rise of Skywalker 2:35 4/21/2020

Episode Art[edit | edit source]

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