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The Terminal is episode 101 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Pod Me If You Cast miniseries covering the filmography of Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks era. Posted 25 Mar 2017.


"This week’s guest, Jerah Milligan (Comedy Central), finally completes our trifecta of co-hosts from the excellent podcast Blank Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood joining Blank Check. The topic of discussion: 2004’s stranded at the airport dramedy The Terminal. But exactly how much Stanley Tucci does a movie need? What was behind the absurd Michael Douglas cancer story? Is it clear where exactly is Krakozhia? Together, Griffin, David and Jerah examine Catherine Zeta-Jones’ career trajectory, jazz photos, Shrek 3, saltine cracker sandwiches and more. Plus, Jerah shares a personal account of being trapped in the airport and Producer Ben is hungover AF."[1]

Jerah Milligan joins #TheTwoFriends in the studio. At last, each of the hosts of Black Men Can't Jump In Hollywood has been welcomed as a guest on Blank Check. My man! After an extensive discussion on the career progression of the two leads, and a mention of the fact that this was one of the last movies DreamWorks made as a complete studio, we move into the actual movie. And boy, did DreamWorks The Studio go out with a bang. Spent pretty much the whole budget by building an entire airport terminal set in a hangar. For the direction, Spielberg tried to go for a light touch but that may not be his strength. As Ben says, you just need a Touch of the Tucc, but here goes Stanley Tucci with a lot more than just a touch. Was this modeled after a old-timey silent film? Loosely based on a true story, but did they try to punch it up too broadly with too many genres? How can two people who never even have a conversation get married as a feel-good movie moment? But here's where Spielberg is Spielberg: despite all its flaws, can this movie somehow be charrrrrmingggg?

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Cost of a Terminal Burger King Whopper: 74 cents
  • Bechdel Test: failed
  • Ben: hungover
  • Chi McBride's signature: tremendous in every way