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The Third Blank Check Mailbag/Hulk Live @ Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn is episode 2 of Blank Check: Special Features. It is both a bonus episode of Podback Mountcast and a Blank Check Mailbag episode. Posted January 11, 2019.


In this month's grab-bag bonus episode #thetwofriends answer patron submitted questions, as well as, present a special interview with screenwriter and producer James Schamus for the 15th anniversary of Hulk live from Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn! But does David have an extensive spreadsheet of every Oscar ballet in cinema history? Who is surprisingly a big fan of Deadpool? Is it true Shrike, the resurrected man (from Mortal Engines) will be appearing in the upcoming Con Moon? Together with Schamus, they discuss the development of Hulk in a pre-superhero genre world, James recounts seeing Sam Raimi's Spider-Man prior to Hulk's release, and #thetwofriends share their thoughts on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, react to the titles of the upcoming Avatar sequels and so much more![1]

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